Product Sourcing

Product Sourcing Agent in Vietnam

Vietnam has a varied production base. When global buyers consider partnering with product manufacturers in Vietnam, they struggle to find the right balance between quality and price. This is why, seeking assistance from a trustworthy Vietnam sourcing agent can be immensely beneficial.

With Clearport, you can look forward to comprehensive and transparent services provided by Australian and Vietnamese professionals who look out for your best interest.

Our Standard Sourcing Service consists of 2 steps
We provide a Validation report that details estimated total landed costs of the product. This includes the cost to manufacture the product, start-up costs for manufacturing and creation of the sample, shipping, as well as customs and duties applicable. We will also include a detailed timeline, broken down into each step along the way. We will also inform you of any issues that we believe could be encountered in manufacturing or shipping.
You will receive;
– A Validation report with total landed costs.
– A written report detailing our findings.
After soliciting quotations among our database of over 5000 factories across Vietnam and qualifying the results through quality and pricing, we will then report to you a short list of our recommendations for you to make the final decision. Our report includes Prices, Factory Capacity, Quality, Product details and more. We will include contact information to allow you to talk to them in person.
You will receive;
– Master list of 50 suppliers
– Short list of qualified suppliers
– Actionable Quotes