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Clearport was Founded on the belief that transparency, collaboration, and Flexibility will better support global needs in Inspection and Product Sourcing, Clearport boasts quality control and assurance. Our company has delivered on a mission to provide practical innovation to the customers around Australia and across the World.
We strive provide better services for all our clients, starting from Product Sourcing, factory audits, to QC Inspections and Product Testing. We are here to ensure the quality and safety of products and processes to give you peace of mind.
Meanwhile, we maintain a steadfast commitment to our clients’ risk management and Privacy requirements in Vietnam. We promise to always only work on your behalf!


We are a small Team of 4 consisting of Experienced Australian and Vietnamese Sourcing and Inspection Professionals. We represent you and keep your interests as our first priority.
We make the booking process as easy. Clearport will respond within 24 hours of your email. You choose when to Start and stop services at your discretion, with no on-going commitments. Our team will be ready when you need us.
Our Inspectors can be on site within 48 hours. We also can provide detailed reports on the same day to allow you to make timely decisions.
We will always maintain your Privacy. Please contact us for a copy of our Privacy Promise to you!

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