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Clearport.com.au’s Inspection Service allows you to order inspection services directly via the Internet through https://clearport.com.au. We have a sound inspection network covering Vietnam’s exporting provinces. Our inspectors are well-trained and reliable with strong product knowledge.

Product Inspections: Start from $149 AUD Per Man-Day
Container Loading Supervision: from $ 199 AUD Per Man-Day
Sample Picking Service: from $149 AUD Per Man-Day
Factory and Supplier Audits: from $199 AUD Per Man-Day
Sourcing Agent Services: From $499 AUD or 2% Service Fee.

Please contact us for a Fully Transparent list of our Services and Prices.

Our inspection covers most exports, including textiles, footwear, electrical, Furniture, Building materials, Food goods, and Plastic Products.

It’s Easy! Just fill in our Booking Form and email us. Once payment is received we will arrange the inspection or start sourcing within 24 hours.

Yes. Apart from product inspections, Clearport also provides product inspections, sample picking service, container loading supervision, factory and supplier audits, sourcing agent services.

We are your representative on the ground to help you verify the legitimacy, trustworthiness and reliability of your suppliers to limit risk within the supply chain. We promise to Only work in your Interest and protect your Privacy.

We will provide you with an Accurate description of all defects and inconsistencies, statistical analysis that is based on the highly recognised AQL standard and will include numerous pictures and or video for illustration.

Clients will always make the final decision. Clearport inspects the shipment according to AQL guidelines and customers requirements, we will then send the results to you for reference to decide.

Clearport recommends utilizing ANSI Z1.4 2008/ ANSI/ ASQC Z1.4/ BS6001/ DIN 40080/ISO 2859/ NFX 06-022(the same inspection sampling standard showed in ANSI and AQL) for our inspection sampling.

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We aim to assist you where ever we can, please don’t hesitate to email us for further details.